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Mar 21st, 2018, 5:42pm

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xx Re: Are You Guys Ready For Your National ID Cards?
« Reply #15 on: Sep 5th, 2007, 12:24am »

We have technology to identify faces in crowds and 'suspicious behaviour patterns' with 'lie detectors' being planned for airports. The so-called Oyster card used on the London underground requires people to register their personal details so that their every journey can be logged down to the minute. There are plans to expand this around the country. As a result of Blair's Regulation of Investigatory Powers Bill, passed in 2000, internet providers have to record our surfing activity and provide this information to MI5. Phone calls, emails and faxes are being monitored by the Echelon spy network that searches for key words and voice recognition patterns.

All this detailed information is kept on a giant data base that connects all other data bases and allows a stream of 'public bodies' to access everything about you and your life. Even not registering your name and address on the electoral roll will be subject to a fine of 2,500 pounds.

The Children Act of 2004 creates a database to record detailed information about our children right down to their eating habits and this can be accessed by police, doctors, social workers and teachers. In July 2006, three 12-year-olds in the English West Midlands had their DNA taken after being arrested by police for ... breaking branches while building a den. DNA is now taken as a matter of course when anyone is arrested and this is kept on file even if they are subsequently not charged or found to be innocent.

The scale of what is happening is simply staggering.

But the key to global control is microchipped people - that's what they want more than anything. Even now, you don't have to take those Underground Oyster cards out of your pocket because they are read automatically by radiowaves and it's the same with the new microchipped passports. It is only one step to embed this technology permanently under the skin. In December 2005, the Giove A satellite was sent into orbit as part of the Galileo European navigation system. This will allow 'Galileo chips' to be embedded in devices of every kind, but the real target is humanity.
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