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Tatsushige Shigure, Black Ops, Starion ORIE Japan
Post by Aliens UFOs Proof Videos on Sep 27th, 2013, 12:12pm

"Tatsushige Shigure" Black Ops, Starion, ORIE, Kanagawa, Japan. Nick, Nicolas.

This is an open letter to a good friend.

Other visitors wanting my Aliens, UFOs, Proof, Evidence, Extraterrestrials Research, please go here...

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Three intelligence research chat rooms on one page there.

Nick, It's me the Aussie born English and Japanese speaking Intelligence Agent in New Zealand.
I found you in a DIY custom cars forum, and I made one post to try to make contact with you about a variety of very important intelligence data, but the moderators thought I was spamming and banned me.

Nick, the best thing I can do is post the "very important intelligence data" here...

Study JEFF RENSE and DR. BILL DEAGLE here...
Or in YouTube search.
This one is about FUKUSHIMA...
Nick, you need to get back to Aussie or New Zealand.
We can setup a business here.

Study BENJAMIN FULFORD interviewed by Aaron Wilson...
It's about Japan and the World.
And/or search YouTube for "Benjamin Fulford".
He speaks fluent Japanese.
And he's a top intelligence agent.

I learned something very important.
I found out that most all people have a "magnesium deficiency".
And magnesium protects the body's cells against cancer.
WIFI causes cancer, and cell-phones and cell-phone towers cause cancer.
Magnesium is rare in foods. It's found in
... so please eat them.

I'm trying to remember what else I was going to share.
I will update this again later.

Nick, your new invention gave me a smile...
"Thermonuclear Sushi Roll".
And sorry to hear about your wife/divorce.
Well, you are in the same boat as me.
Two wives, two or three more to go. smiley LOL!

Seriously, I left my Chinese wife of 10 years,
because she got given one million dollars
and became bossy. So I left her with $20 in my pocket.
And my Japanese wife of 12 years
didn't like all the above intelligence research
that I was doing everyday.

Anyway, TO THE FUTURE !!! smiley