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xx New Video Website! UFOS - ALIENS - OVERUNITY
« Thread started on: Oct 31st, 2008, 9:12pm »

This site is sort of my brainchild. It brings together all of the topics that I have found, after 20 years of research, to be relevant to UFOS and Aliens. While the topics may seem disparate at first glance, rest assured they are all related.

The US Government has catalogued 57 species of alien visitors, only 3 of which are known to be benign. They have been visiting us for a very long time. A search on this site for "Disclosure Project" will bring you a bunch of videos from some of the most credible people in the world, over 400 hours of video from people such as:

Frank Carter - US Navy - Radar Specialist
Harry Allen Jordan, US Navy, Radar Operator - USS Roosevelt
Enrique Kolbeck - Senior Air Traffic Controller - Mexico City Int Airport
John Callahan - Senior FAA Official - Accidents, Investigations
Chuck Sorrels - Air Traffic Controller - Edwards Air Force Base
Daniel Salter - US Air Force, Chief Master Sergeant - NRO
Frederick Fox - US Navy Pilot - Top Secret Nuclear Clearance
Merle Shane McDow - US Navy - Top Secret SCI Clearance, Zebra Badge
Captain Robert Salas - US Air Force - SAC Launch Officer / Engineer
Professsor Robert Jacobs - US Air Force Vandenberg Air Force Base
Lance Corporal John Weygandt - US Marines
Sergeant Karl Wolfe - Langley Air Force Base, VA - Tactical Air Command
Larry Warren - US Air Force - Security Specialist
Gordon Creighton - Military Intelligence - Ministry of Defense
Senator Daniel Inouye - US Senate
Sergeant Clifford Stone - US Army - Extraterrestrial Retrieval Team

We DO in point of fact, have reverse engineered alien technologies, that, if released to the general public would result in free energy for every human being on the planet. Stanley Meyer and Joseph Newman were murdered for creating such devices, and the inventor of the Joe Cell had his life threatened if he did not stop. Nikola Tesla had many unreleased inventions which included free energy devices and particle beam weapons, all of which were spirited away by the US Government hours after his death. Only a smattering of what was there was ever released again.

Imagine if every human being had access to free energy. It would level the playing field. There would be no cause for hunger, no reason for wars, no impediment to vastly accelerated technological advances, no need to keep polluting the planet and the air, no need to keep destroying our vastly dwindling resources.

You must ask yourself WHO does not want us to have this, WHY do they not want us to have this, WHAT will happen to their oil based power structure if we DO have this. Follow the money, and you will know who is responsible.

I'm not like Mulder, I really didn't want to believe, but in light of what I've learned, I now have no choice. To find out the truth, go to:
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